WESTERN WOODS & WATERS is published six times a year with approximately two month enjoyment between issues. Each issue is tuned to the seasonal cycles of outdoor interests, but presented in anticipation of the interests so that the reader can submerge into the subject of most relevant to the time of year. WESTERN WOODS & WATERS will also release special editions from time to time to commemorate or highlight events and issues of particular interest to Western Canada’s outdoor circles. We want the readers of WESTERN WOODS & WATERS to be the best informed outdoor group in Canada.

March/April - (Uploaded March 1st / Editorial Deadline December 1st) Our focus is primarily on the upcoming fishing seasons with details on some of the most promising destinations, the hottest new gear on the market and the techniques that get results. In addition to these full length features, we also present regular columns that will discuss new products, new destinations and general items.

May/June - (Uploaded May 1st / Editorial Deadline February 1st) Freshwater fishing will continue to be an important component of this issue, but hunting activities (wild turkey and bear) as well as archery topics are also share the makeup. Service articles provide the bulk of the read but we also include columns of special interest to the wide range of outdoor interests.

July/Aug - (Uploaded July 1st / Editorial Deadline April 1st) At this point, fishing—bother fresh and some saltwater—still dominate the editorial lineup, but preparations for the approaching hunting seasons also take the stage. We plan to provide editorial geared to the bird hunter, the high mountain hunters as well as other early season activities.

September/October - (Released September 1st / Editorial Deadline June 1st) About three quarters of this issue will be devoted to hunting with a mix of how to, where to and when to. Shooting activities pertaining to hunting with both bow and gun are the focus of several columns.

November December - (Released November 1st / Editorial Deadline August 1st) This is our hunting wrap up issue with column and features on late season destinations, techniques, gear and opportunities. The issue is also a forward look to the ice fishing seasons throughout Western Canada, with techniques and suggested destinations for both the tried and true game fish of our region as well as some of the off-beat opportunities.

January/February - (Released January 1st / Editorial Deadline October 1st) While this issue also focusses largely on ice fishing, with some high winter hunting added to the mix, new gear and products for the outdoor enthusiasts—from rods to optics and guns to electronics with off-road vehicles and boats as well—represent in large part the editorial lineup.